Weekend Round-Up



Here’s two coffee-cups up to Steady Eddy’s coffee house in Winters. We dropped in this weekend for a light lunch and got more than we bargained for – good food, friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere that fostered a gentle hum of conversation among locals and cyclists passing through on their way from Davis to Lake Berryessa.

The paninis, with clever names like Holy Cow and Sgt. Pepper’s Blue Cheese, were yummy, and we also recommend the pecan bar. Big enough for a three-way split between me, my husband and son, my husband’s comment was that it was “better than pecan pie.” And, he is right – lots of nuts and not too syrupy. We’ll be sure to make our way back to the “instantly comfortable” setting of Steady Eddy’s again soon!   



Dessert on Lake Shasta

Houseboating is the ultimate vacation. I had the pleasure of spending three lazy days with my family and dear friends who invited us aboard their houseboat on Lake Shasta this past weekend. We spent hours sitting on the deck telling stories, playing Rummikub, and plunging into the lake. It was heaven. But as a foodie, true heaven is measured by the food that is served in paradise. That said, I owe props to my mother, the best pie maker I know (besides Kira O’Donnell). She brought aboard two scrumptious pies – strawberry rhubarb and raspberry. Thanks mom! 




New “Midtown Taqueria” in East Sac

Housed in the old Sidewalk Pizza building, Midtown Taqueria on 37th and J has only been open for a few weeks, but already is a thriving outdoor eatery.  After doing vigorous yard work, we decided to ride our bikes over and check it out.  Even though I am very adventurous in dining, I pretty much always order the same thing with Mexican — bean and cheese burrito or carnitas — so those are my standards when judging a new place.  The bean and cheese burrito was just the way I like it — not too much cheese and the beans not too saucy.  My other set of criteria for judging a new place is the quality and variety of its salsas and Midtown delivered. 


They had four full, fresh bowls with a salsa fresca, a mild tomato and onion, a medium poblano avocado, and a medium-spicy orange-ish salsa (not sure of the chiles used).  We shared an order of nachos with carnitas, also yummy, but too much sour cream for my taste.  My husband got a dang chicken quesadilla that was perfectly fine.  The staff was very friendly and the interior and outdoor eating areas very clean.  They carry Corona, Pacifico, Modelo (especial and dark) as well as Coors.  We’ll definitely be back to try some of the yummy-sounding mariscos — nice to see they have seafood beyond shrimp, which is the case at most taquerias.  Next time I’ll trade my bean and cheese burrito for either the bass filet or grilled tilapia. 

taqueria.jpg taqueria2.jpg

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  • Kim | Aug 15, 2007 at 9:28 am

    I stopped by the Midtown (Is 37th and J Midtown?) Taqueria yesterday and had the super burrito with carnitas. Delicious!

  • Melinda McRae | Aug 15, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    I thought the same thing about it being called Midtown — pretty sure it’s East Sac. I heard that it is run by the same man who ran Sidewalk Pizza, which I had never been to before. Interesting….

  • Amy | Aug 28, 2007 at 3:02 pm

    I also tried the super burrito with chicken – yum!