Taylor’s Automatic Refresher: A Little Taste of Heaven


Last Saturday we were making our way back from the coast, and we found ourselves at Taylor’s Automatic Refresher in St. Helena. While much of the free world associates Napa with its world-class wines, we credit Taylor’s as being the real gem of the Valley. The grass really is greener on their back lawn; the sky more blue, the burgers more tasty and the milk shakes? Well, let me just paint the picture….

On this day we ordered a trio of chocolate, coconut and pistachio shakes. Each more tasty than the former, and it really didn’t matter which one you started with. They were fine, fine shakes. As I was relishing every last drop, I was thinking to myself that if an angel on high could mix up a milkshake, it would taste exactly like the glorious example I was so enjoying.

As I was elevating my shake to the status of divine, a fellow diner walked by our picnic table, and while glancing at my son, made the off-hand remark: “He’s in heaven.”

Coincidence? I think not.

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