Roma’s Pizzeria II


I’m pretty sure that pizza is the most perfect food ever. It can have all the four food groups and can be thin-crust, deep-dish and everything in between. I’m even a fan of its cousin, the calzone. My husband is a Yelp addict and he’s always looking for great hidden finds in Sacramento. One day he asked if I was in the mood for pizza (duh…of course!) because he’d been eager to check out this pizzeria he found on Yelp. We piled in the car and headed down Folsom Blvd. to Roma’s  Pizzeria II, not to be confused with Roma’s I on Franklin or Roma’s III in Folsom—although I have no doubt each of them serves up delicious pizza as well.

Roma's sign

What I love about Roma’s is its old-school family feel. You won’t find any swanky bar stools or uber-gourmet pizza toppings here. Instead, you get a homemade pizza that oozes with high-quality ingredients such as hand-made pizza dough, whole milk mozzarella that seems never-ending as you pull each slice apart and big chunks of sausage and slices of pepperoni that are pure heaven. Roma’s also serves many pasta dishes in addition to its pizza, and they have great drink prices too! I read a funny comment on Yelp once that said, “This is one of the restaurants that I gauge a person’s taste by, if they don’t like Roma’s, I don’t trust them.” So true! When I found out we were doing Pizza Week, I knew that I had to let everyone in on my Roma’s secret.


On a recent visit, we tried out two pizzas: the Guiseppe Special that packs on the cheese, mushrooms, salami, pepperoni, sausage, olives, linguica, beef and bell peppers; and the Margherita Special with olive oil, cheese, Roma tomatoes, basil, garlic, artichokes and chicken. Both were tasty, but my heart is with the Guiseppe Special. It’s just that kind of pizza that you burn the roof of your mouth because you are so eager to bite in to it.

slice of giuseppe special pizza

I think on my next visit to Roma’s, I may go just straight pepperoni and cheese. It’s a classic combo and I couldn’t take my eyes off the one that was delivered to the table next to ours on our last visit. I’m sure I’ll get around to trying the pasta, but with that magic that is coming out of their pizza oven, it’s going to be hard to say no to Roma’s pizza.

Roma’s Pizzeria II
8491 Folsom Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 383-9264

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  • gettincarriedaway | Aug 20, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    I work just down the street from Roma’s I and was a regular at Roma’s II when I went to CSUS….but stop the press, there is a Roma’s III in Folsom?! I just moved to Folsom and nothing has excited me more than knowing that there is one here! L-O-V-E Roma’s!

  • Doug Machmiller | Mar 21, 2010 at 4:09 am

    I worked at both roma I & II many years ago. I moved to South Dakota over 20 years ago but every time I go back to Sacramento to visit family & friends it’s a must that my wife & I eat at one or the other.