It’s Greek to Me: Symposium Restaurant


I love Greek food. To me, there’s nothing better than a warm pita overflowing with gyro meat, tzatziki, cucumbers, feta and some kalamata olives on top. Yum.

Lucky for me, a close friend of mine just happens to be Greek and knows everything about the cuisine. So, when she asked me to try out Symposium, a Greek restaurant in Davis, with her as my guide, it was a no brainer.

I spent the entire afternoon wondering what I would order, pretending that I wasn’t going to fall back on my typical gyro entrée. Imagine my surprise when she nonchalantly mentioned in the car ride to the restaurant that Symposium has the best pizza in Davis! I was at a loss for words and, honestly, a little nervous. Pizza? Greek?

When I walked inside, I immediately noticed the restaurant’s full name: Symposium Restaurant & Pizza House. Once I saw the framed pictures of Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the wall, I figured this place had to be pretty good.

The menu has a full selection of typical Greek dishes plus 26 gourmet pizzas – talk about a tough decision. After carefully looking over the menu while snacking on the delicious pizza dough bread rolls, we decided to split a Gyro Platter and the Spankotiropizza. The platter was simple but perfect with generous servings of gyro meat, cucumbers, tomatoes, homemade tzatziki and warm pita pockets.

Picture 001

As for the pizza, well, let’s just say the Italians have some serious competition! The combination of three Greek cheeses and Spinach on the homemade dough delivered a taste that was out of this world. While munching away, we couldn’t help but notice the surrounding tables’ pizza choices, each one looking like its own unique masterpiece. Somehow, I think we may have left the restaurant still hungry for more!

Picture 002

All in all, Symposium Restaurant & Pizza House knows how to remain true to classic Greek cuisine while also stepping over the culinary edge to make fantastic gourmet pizza equal to any Italian pizzeria.

Symposium Restaurant & Pizza House
1620 E 8th St
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 756-3850

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  • car hire athens | Dec 11, 2009 at 1:38 am

    Delicious menu, i like it! 🙂