2011 Restaurant Resolutions – An Endless Pursuit


Some people make New Year’s resolutions. Apparently I make New Year’s restaurant resolutions.

“I will make time to explore more. I must stop ordering takeout from the same establishment month after month. I insist upon pushing my taste buds’ boundaries with new flavors and textures.”

These are just a few of the restaurant resolutions I’m keeping in 2011 – and it doesn’t stop there. After moving to San Francisco last June, I found myself dwarfed by the endless dining options in every neighborhood I stumbled upon. So, in an effort to expand my culinary horizons, I made a list. A list of 10 restaurants I want to try, which quickly became 20 I just had to check out and suddenly grew to 40 I obviously couldn’t miss. You do the math … that’s approximately 1-2 restaurants per week this year.
Of course as with most good finds, I’m sure the best restaurants are going to be those randomly recommended late in the game by friends and new acquaintances. So in the spirit of sharing, you tell me: what foodie finds do you recommend I add to the list?

In the meantime, please keep my wallet and waistline in your prayers!

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  • Catherine | Feb 2, 2011 at 9:41 am

    got another for you. Cafe Jacqueline – all souffles!!

  • Rich U. | Feb 2, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Solid list! I’d definitely add brunch at Zazie over in Cole Valley. Pinkie’s challah French toast…holler. Best thing on a Sunday morning after Saturday night shenanigans. Be prepared to wait though. Also check out Dosa on Fillmore (I’ve heard the Valencia one is kinda blah) and Absinthe in Hayes Valley.

    Totally agreed on Flour + Water as #1…been there twice and both times were awesome. Tip for Nopa: make a late reservation and ask for the chef’s table.

    Dang. Now I’m hungry for some grilled cheesus from The American…

  • Melanie | Feb 8, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    I love this idea!
    Go to Mama’s ASAP, you seriously won’t regret it. I literally dream of their brunch.
    And what is this Grilled Cheese restaurant?! I must investigate this one…! Good luck!