Chipotle Introduces ‘Sofritas’

By Jake Ferguson, Sara Ortega and Ana Marie Aguas

“Chipotle’s new menu item” is something you don’t hear often, simply because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. In all seriousness, Chipotle has been around for 20 years and they have perfected their mantra of ‘Food with Integrity,’ meaning they value quality over quantity. So when we were invited to sample their new menu item, exclusive to Northern California, we jumped at the opportunity. 

Rolling out to 160 Northern California locations, Redding to Visalia and Roseville to the coast, Sofritas is a new protein menu item that can be added to burritos, tacos, burrito bowls and salads—just like chicken or steak. Made from organic, Non-GMO verified tofu from Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, this shredded and braised tofu option is perfect for vegetarians, vegans and anybody looking to switch up their normal Chipotle order.

Chipotle began concepting the tofu idea in 2008 and has been working exclusively with Hoda Soy on development during the last two years. The unique thing about Sofritas is that the tofu is not hydrated, but is braised and shredded, giving it the same consistency and flavor profile as many of the meat options available.

During our sampling at the West Sacramento location (big shout out to store manager Joanna and her entire crew), we were impressed with the fact that you won’t find microwaves or frozen products in any Chipotle location and that the guacamole is handmade every day.

Here were our first impressions of Sofritas:

Jake: I thought Sofritas were delicious and I would certainly select Sofritas as an option on a burrito or taco. What impressed me the most is the consistency is not what you usually find with tofu and even with Sofritas, my burrito still tasted like the familiarity of Chipotle.

Ana Marie:  I’ve never had a Chipotle experience I didn’t love, and the new Sofritas flavor only enhanced my affinity for these beloved burritos. The first bite was charged with character. This distinctive tofu mix is layered with a smoky hint of spice, giving it that traditional Chipotle punch with a vegetarian twist. The recipe was rich and full-bodied incorporating a dense, almost meaty texture one wouldn’t expect from a vegetarian dish. What amazed me most about the Sofritas is how this braised, flavor-packed tofu seamlessly complemented the cilantro-lime rice, black beans and creamy textured cheese in the burrito, giving it an exclusive quality no other Chipotle ingredient can. I inhaled the smoke-flavored dish and relished in every last tender bite.

Sara: Whenever I’ve gone to Chipotle in the past I always order the same thing: a chicken burrito. After trying Sofritas in the soft shell tacos, I definitely have a new “regular” dinner choice. The mixture of the Sofritas with the other taco ingredients was the same great product I’m used to getting from Chipotle, but the rich and spicy taste of the Sofritas filling was better than I could ever have expected from tofu.

Sofritas will run you $6.25—the same as chicken. Swing into any location in the Sacramento area and try some today!

Click here to find the location closest to you.

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  • Dennis Lobenberg | May 3, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    I never thought I would eat tofu let alone love it. The Sofritas is outstanding!! Wish I could make it at home.