Sacramento BLT Week



You know you’re a bacon-lover if….

1. You have a side of eggs with your bacon for breakfast

2. You buy Costco packs and stock up your freezer… the thick-cut hickory style stuff, of course!

3. You’re more afraid of bacon shortages than power outages

4. Your childhood nickname was “Porky”

5. You already own this t-shirt or deeply wish you did:

 baconfest sac tshirt
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LowBrau Sausage Platter


 Low Brau Image



1050 20th Sacramento, CA


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 I had the opportunity to hang out with Jason Poole, the executive chef of Dawson’s last week, and learned that his restaurant is anything but an industry cliché. Located at 1209 L Street, Dawson’s is the Hyatt Regency’s in-house steakhouse. But don’t call it a “hotel restaurant.” Dawson’s stands on its own.
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Tater Throw Down


We celebrated Father’s Day this year with a Tater Throw Down!  That’s right, we were invited to a friend’s house and each family was asked to bring their best potato dish.  Lucky for me, I’ve worked with the U.S. Potato Board (client) for the past decade so I’ve tasted and tested many tuber-ific dishes over the years.  I decided on Frances Largeman Roth’s Twice Baked Blues featured in her cookbook “Eating in Color” and they were a hit!  You can find the recipe here. The best part though?  Seeing what all my creative friends came up with.  Check out this spectacular spud spread!
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The Cellar in Historic Folsom


There are some restaurants that are just a pleasure, and The Cellar on Sutter Street in Historic Folsom is one such place. I’ve been to The Cellar a number of times, but when I learned of their expanded menu, I couldn’t wait to try it. Executive Chef Joe Cuka has created a little something for everyone with a whole lot of deliciousness going on.

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Kale Yeah! “The Market” Pizza


When it comes to dining out, I can be incredibly indecisive. Like, the kind of indecisive that really annoys your friends and family as you endlessly debate going here or there and eating this or that. But, when it comes to lunch on Thursdays, I know exactly where I want to go and exactly what I want to eat: 

Kale Yeah

That would be “The Market” pizza from The Pizza Company at the Capitol Mall Farmers Market. Every creation that emerges from their Italian wood fired oven is delicious, but The Market is irrefutably the true star. Featuring farm fresh produce, The Market’s pizza toppings change weekly and the SacFoodies are always excited to see what unique offering is on deck.

To our delight, today’s menu featured Aidells Sun-dried Tomato & Kale Chicken Sausage, shaved red onions, mascarpone cheese and mushrooms. And was the pizza as delicious as it looks? Kale yeah!

A special thanks to my fellow SacFoodies for making this post happen—the witty Kari Clark for coining the phrase “kale yeah” when I asked if she was getting The Market today, and the kind  Sara Ortega for resisting the first bite of her piping hot pizza so that she could help me snap photos of the beauty above.


Sacramento Zoo’s “King of Feasts” Ticket Giveaway


KOF Logo Ad

Have you ever thought to yourself, “The zoo would be more fun if there were great food and drinks included?” If so, the Sacramento Zoo’s annual King of Feasts event is for you. Coming up on Saturday, June 21st from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m., King of Feasts includes cuisine from Sacramento area restaurants, wineries and breweries as well as a silent auction and live entertainment. 

Imagine strolling around the zoo on a cool, (okay, or maybe very hot), summer evening, cold beer from Track 7 in one hand, a taste of the latest offering from Mulvaney’s B&L in the other, and exotic animals to your right and left.

Sound like fun? You could win a pair of tickets right here on SacFoodies. Simply leave us a comment here on the blog and tell us which winery, brewery or restaurant you are most excited to try at King of Feasts.  Leave your comment by noon on Wednesday, June 18th for a chance to win! Winner must be at least 21 years of age. ID will be verified at the door.

KOF Orang


5th Annual Red Show Crawl Kicks Off This Month



Throw on your red shoes and enjoy some of Sacramento’s top restaurants while benefiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of North California and Camp Ronald McDonald at Eagle Lake by participating in a Saturday filled with good food and fun.

The 5th Annual Red Show Crawl is taking place Sunday, June 29th, with registration kicking off at the Citizen Hotel at 1:00 p.m. Then, participants will partake in a “crawl” to each of the 28 participating restaurants, sampling delicious bites at every stop. 

Participating restaurants include Farenheit 250, Hock Farm, The Rind, Zocalo, Mikuni, Mother, Yogurtagogo and Lucca. There’s even an after party with live music from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at Mulvaney’s B&L.

Tickets are $60-$80 in advance, which includes a goodie bag and food and beverage from all participating restaurants. Get your tickets here.

Luckily for our readers, we’re giving away a pair of tickets! Just comment on this post or our Facebook page by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 25 and tell us which restaurant you’d like to try most.

Remember, dress comfortably, but don’t forget your red shoes! 

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Block Butcher Bar

Block Butcher Bar Collage

By: Megan Foster

If you’re looking to beat Sacramento’s heat in the company of a cool drink and some of the choicest house-made charcuterie around, head to Block Butcher Bar in Midtown. Snuggled next to LowBrau on 20th and K streets and under the same ownership, Block Butcher Bar offers up a range of cool cured meats, pickled goodies and fresh local cheeses to complement whatever brew you’re drinking (or holding to your forehead), whether it’s one of the dozens of bourbons, scotches or whiskeys showcased on the wall, a microbrew or a summer-appropriate cocktail. “Just Beet It” is my personal favorite. Featuring a mix of beet juice, lemon, balsamic vinegar, mint, dark rum and bitters, this ruby-colored little gem will have you revived and attempting Michael Jackson dance routines with your friends in no time.
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National Donut Day


By: Stephanie Rudy

June isn’t known for its abundance of holidays. No three-day weekends to look forward to, no fireworks, no pumpkin carving and certainly no Turducken. But, before you discredit the month altogether, are you familiar with the significant holiday that falls on June 6th? That’s right, it’s National Donut Day.

Yes, I could have gone out and bought a box of donuts from down the street. Instead, I opted to make my OWN donuts – donut cakes. At eight inches round, these donut cakes are sure to impress (and feed) all in your home or office.

Ingredients –
(Recipe makes two)
-Two donut-shaped cake pans
-1 box of Funfetti cake mix (my favorite – although you can use vanilla, chocolate, whatever you like)
-1 container of pink vanilla frosting (or frosting of your choice)
-Sprinkles (the more the merrier – seriously)

Directions –
Prepare cake mix per instructions on the box (note: you’ll likely need eggs, vegetable oil and water). Pour prepared cake mix into both donut pans. Bake your cakes according to box directions. Remove from oven, and let cool. When cool, scoop a ½ – ¾ cup of frosting into a measuring pitcher. Microwave pitcher for 10-12 seconds until frosting is JUST barely warm and slightly pourable (do not over-microwave into separated runny liquid – it’s not pretty). Slowly pour frosting over your two donut cakes and sprinkle immediately. 



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