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A Delicious Julie & Julia Giveaway

In the foodie world, there’s one name that resonates above all others.  She’s been a mother to some, a confidant to others, and a teacher to most of us.  Who am I talking about?  Why, the one and only Julia Child, of course! You may be well aware of the latest tribute to this legendary […]

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Dinner – MY Way (And…drum roll, please…a $100 giveaway!)


So, it’s back to school time. You can bid farewell to the laid-back days of summer when meals were ever-so-impromptu, laundry didn’t glare accusingly, and the days had that laissez faire feel. Now, it’s back to serious laundry management, carpool schedules, and earnestly packing lunches and planning meals. If you feel daunted by the specter […]

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