Take Me Out to the Ballgame


When I moved to Sacramento more than four years ago, one of the things I most looked forward to was warm summer evenings at the Rivercats’ games. As a die-hard A’s fan, it’s great to catch an exciting game and watch a few prospects or major leaguers on a rehab assignment, and still be within 15 minutes of home. But, what I also love is ballpark food.

The other night I had the pleasure of watching my friend throw out the first pitch and then before the first out was recorded, I was roaming the concourse of Raley Field figuring out what amazing delicacies I would try on this particular outing. With my eager dining partner (my husband Matt) and heavy wallet in hand (a trip the ballpark is never cheap), we headed out to the left field concessions where I came upon the Baked Potato with Pulled Pork.


For $5.75, I got a perfectly cooked baked potato topped with a generous amount of sweet and slightly spicy pulled pork. However, here’s my left field concession tip: ask for barbecue sauce early and often. The last few bites were quite dry and could have used barbecue sauce both before and after the pulled pork was added to the potato. Did I mention it was also Tecate Tuesday? Definitely the perfect complement to this first inning treat.

By the fourth inning, Matt and I worked our way around to the other side of the stadium. We first checked out the Solon Club which offered made-to-order Spicy Linguini, but it was too hot outside and I couldn’t really get into pasta at a ballgame. However, what I could get into was the Sactown Cheese Steak for $7.50. 


This was absolutely delicious (the photo does not do it justice). The thinly sliced, chopped steak cooked with grilled onions and peppers topped with glorious cheese sauce and extra chopped onions (from the hot dog stand) on a fresh French roll was hard to share. I wanted every bite to myself! I’ve never had traditional Philly Cheese Steak, but would happily enjoy a “Sactown” version any day.

By the way, the Rivercats lost the game, but I didn’t notice. I was still talking about what we’d have try next time we came to the ballpark.

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