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It was a night that couldn’t have been more perfect at The Shack on Thursday, August 9, yet it was still “the pits!”  Actually, just one pit, a hand-built-for-the-occasion roasting pit, that yielded the succulent spread for “Food From a Hole Night.”  At about 7:30 PM, Chef Gary and his buddy “Kiwi Bob,” with shovels in hand began unearthing the delicacies that awaited the captivated crowd.  The food had been roasting for several hours and after the dirt and the coverings were removed, a troop of helpers began carting away seemingly endless mounds of steaming whole chickens, roast pork, potatoes and cabbages. 

diggin-it.jpg excavating.jpg 

The bounty was served with an amazing shrimp and citrus salad, and delicious mini-meat pies that were also a huge hit.  The music of Section R added to the ambience of a most beautiful night (this is Sacramento in August, right?), and the evening was capped off with a delightful fruit pavlova, made with kiwi, strawberries and fresh whipped cream, all layered between homemade meringues.  It was one of those desserts that made you think, “I’ll just have a little of this,” and before you knew it, you were wishing that society allowed you to lick the plate.  Another in a seemingly never-ending string of great Thursday nights at The Shack!

shack-menu.jpg dinner.jpg the-plate.jpg

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Tomorrow is Second Saturday Julie Ficker will report on activities at her favorite midtown spots including Java City, L Wine Lounge,  Phoenix Gallery, and more!

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