Craving Caramel Walnut Crunch Cake


Like most offices, we at FH Sacramento love an excuse to throw a party. Promotion? Let’s celebrate! Baby? Party time. Anniversary? Break out the piñata.


Therefore, every month we celebrate the birthdays of our colleagues with an afternoon pick-me-up that comes in the delicious form of cake from Freeport Bakery. It’s an office tradition to have the honored birthday men and women select the cake that we will all indulge in. Past picks include the “Fresh Fruit Tarts” and “Shadow Fresa” (one of my personal favorites), but this week we were lucky enough to try a brand new rendition, the “Caramel Walnut Crunch Cake.”



Just try saying the words “Caramel Walnut Crunch Cake” without allowing your mouth to water – it’s impossible! The layers of golden buttermilk cake are filled with creamy caramel and toasted walnuts – the perfect combination and crunch. And as if that weren’t enough to get your taste buds all riled up, a thin layer of chocolate and a layer of custard are added top it all off.


As fellow SacFoodie Kim Bedwell once said during an afternoon brainstorm, “Everyone wants a cookie around 3:00 in the afternoon!” Well I guess the same could be said about caramel walnut crunch cake (except it’s only 11:00 AM and I’m already craving the leftovers). I guess you could say we like to have our cake and eat it too!


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