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Do food cravings ever seize you in a vise-like grip, not letting go until you’ve indulged them? In our house, I’m somewhat embarrassed to report, this is a weekly occurrence. My husband craves Dos Coyotes, my son loves an In ‘n Out cheeseburger, and my daughter is a huge fan of California Raisins (and I’m not saying that because they are a client!).

I took a quick office survey to determine whether we are typical or atypical, and I was pleasantly relieved with the results! All of those surveyed knew exactly the type of jonesin’ I was describing: Ali occasionally craves pasta; Joey answered without a moment’s hesitation, Chipotle; Jacqueline is moved by tuna salad sandwiches; Melinda’s weakness is pizza; and both sushi and scrambled eggs have a hold on Brittany (though not together, she is quick to point out).

I’ll admit to a few cravings of my own: Chocolate anything tops the list, a perfect nonfat latte, a bleu cheese burger. This past weekend I indulged in my most recent craving – Mediterranean cuisine. I simply had to have hummus and pita bread, and the marinated chicken with house sauce at The Kabob House. Nothing else would do. I could see it, smell it; if I could have conjured it, I would have. Instead, I hopped into my car and drove over to see Rocky, the owner of The Kabob House.


Located at 648 East Bidwell in Folsom, everything I’ve ever tasted at The Kabob House is just mouth wateringly delicious. We ordered chicken and beef shish kabobs, Greek salads, hummus and pita bread. As usual, our food was cooked to perfection. The chicken was flavorful and, when combined with their special house sauce, unbelievably scrumptious.


We don’t usually treat ourselves to dessert, but Rocky talked us into sampling the baklava this time. Heaven. Crisp layers of phyllo dough drenched in honey and layered with nuts. A perfect end to a perfect craving. (And it’s no surprise that I can hardly wait for the next one.)


Tell us what you’re craving. And, if you’ve got a yen for a great dessert, try my mom’s baklava recipe, which we’ll post tomorrow. Happy hankering!

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  • Christine | Nov 7, 2007 at 3:35 pm

    I must agree with your son on In-N-Out. My other two weaknesses are Mary’s Pizza Shack and Sushi. Oh yeah, and a nice cold Hefeweizen. When I have these cravings nothing can stand in my way. Nothing!