2nd Day of Christmas: Non-Traditional Traditions


For the past 10 days, you’ve read a lot about the SacFoodies’ family holiday food traditions. Well, you won’t be getting that from me. Sadly, I don’t have one. No gingerbread house marathons. No spiced cider while caroling through the neighborhood. Not even a secret family cookie recipe.

You see, it’s Christmas Eve, and while many families will be roasting a goose or slicing up a standing rib roast, my family will be ordering take out. In true “A Christmas Story” style, we will be feasting on Sweet and Sour Pork, Szechwan Prawns and other delicacies from my husband’s hometown Chinese joint in Vacaville, the infamous Yen King. Then, we’re hopping in the car to make a lunch reservation with my mom on Christmas Day near Carmel. To cap off the holiday, we’re on to another restaurant to meet my dad. I probably won’t even see an actual kitchen for three days, and I thought that’s where all the Christmas magic happens!

Nothing we’ve ever done for Christmas has been traditional. We occasionally visit family, sometimes we hit up a movie or we’ve even crashed one SacFoodies’ traditional Christmas feast with her family (thanks Kris!). My family doesn’t even get a Christmas tree anymore. My mom just puts lights on the fichus plant and puts our presents around it. It’s actually a surprising large fichus plant, so it works, but it’s not going to win any decorating contests.

I guess my point is (and I think I have one), perhaps this whole restaurant hopping, non-Christmas tree, non-tradition thing is actually a tradition after all. So whatever your holiday tradition (or non-tradition) is, make it merry. Have a happy holiday!

Instead of asking Santa for a gift, I dressed up like one (December 1979)

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