4th Day of Christmas: Steaks on the BBQ


During the holiday season it seems like everyone has some sort of tradition that they follow every year. I ask, why not spice it up a bit? Why not try something that you wouldn’t normally do during the cold of winter?

Every year on the weekend before Christmas my friends and I like to take a little camping trip. Some years it’s in the snow (yes it’s very, very cold), or we head to the ocean, where it is also very cold. No matter where we decide to take ourselves, there is one thing that is a must have for us – STEAKS! My personal favorite is a juicy sirloin. You can’t forget the zest to go with it either… whether it’s garlic powder, garlic salt, pepper or whatever else we decide to get our hands on. But, the most important ingredient in our steak fest is good old BBQ sauce.

Besides a small barbecue to cook the steaks and the seasoning, there is one more thing needed to make this not so average Christmas trip complete. Can you take guess what that is? I’ll give you a hint: we are all guys in our early twenties. You guessed it, beer. My personal favorite is Corona with a couple limes.

So my suggestion to everyone is to try something new that you wouldn’t normally consider doing during the holidays. It doesn’t have to be a camping trip in the snow with nothing but steaks to eat for every meal, but try to spice up your holiday a little bit. Of course, most would agree the important thing is to be with the people you care about during the holidays, even if you have to sit extra close to each other and drink four extra beers just to keep warm. In my opinion, all that just makes the vacation a little more fun and interesting.


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