This Bud's For Zin


 Just like an ice cold beer hits the spot on a warm day working out in the yard, seeing our first “buds” this spring brought a huge smile to my face.  As the new owner of a home on a small Lodi vineyard, I can’t wait to watch and learn as our gnarly vines transform this season.  Are these twisted, creeping stumps of wood really going to produce fruit in just a matter of months?  These first buds sure are a good sign.  It’s also a good sign that we’re not the only people in town with some vines around the house.  Nearly 40 percent of California’s premium wine grapes are grown in the Lodi region.  In fact, Lodi is the winegrape capital of the world!  We have a lot of friends around town who know a thing or two about making a delicious bottle of wine.  It’s going to be a fun journey making our own first barrel this fall.  I smile just thinking about that first taste of our own rich red wine with blackberry and cherry flavors, along with a taste of pepper.  Whether or not we get that exact taste that we so love on our first try, that first glass of wine is definitely going to hit the spot.

By Alison Liebich liebicha1.jpg

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  • Bob | Mar 31, 2008 at 11:42 am

    I enjoyed the entire blog but particularly Maria’s submission.

  • Christine | Mar 31, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    I have gnarly vine envy; OVZ is the one of my all-time favorites. Cheers to vintners 🙂