Two for Two


And, now let us turn our attention once again to the topic of hamburgers.

This weekend we were at our favorite diner in the area, the Putah Creek Café in Winters. It had been a while since we visited, but when we showed up it was just like walking around in old shoes – comfortable, relaxing and oh-so-welcoming. There was a grizzled old cowboy at the coffee bar enjoying a mug of suds, Davis cyclists on their way through to Berryessa, and a whole other host of after-church sinners and saints.

We took our place at a perfect booth in front of a sunny window, and I instantly decided on the Portobello mushroom burger with goat cheese and herbs. He – and you know who I mean – ordered the burger. When our orders came, he was shocked that my Portobello burger was just that. “No meat?” he inquired with the wistfulness of someone who had been betrayed by one they only thought they knew. My response: “No farm boy. No meat. Just mushroom.”

A taste test ensued. It quickly became clear that it was the farm girl – and not the farm boy – who had ordered wrong that day. Again.

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