Chocolate Fish Coffee, Sacramento


Working in an office, a mid-afternoon caffeine fix is often necessary.  We “discovered” a new coffee shop that not only has delicious drinks, but also offers a unique New Zealand flare – right here in downtown Sac.  Located on the corner of 3rd and Q Street, from the outside you might second guess if Chocolate Fish Coffee is even open, but it in fact opened its doors in April of this year; despite it’s under construction entrance, the shop is already gaining attention and a downtown following.  We’ve taken the four-block trek from our office together on a number of occasions. 

The owners, Andy and Edie Baker, are two of several friendly folks that will greet you from behind the counter.  On our most recent coffee break, Edie explained that she lived in Auckland for eight years, and recently returned back to the states with a prize souvenir, her husband Andy (who is Kiwi).  Together they have built Chocolate Fish Coffee to be a certified organic and free trade coffee shop.

So what’s with the name?  A chocolate fish is a fish-shaped confection, it is indigenous to New Zealand and recognized as a “thank you” or “reward” for a good deed.  Working diligently at a top PR firm is a daily good deed, right?  We think so, and have rewarded ourselves with Chocolate Fish Coffee accordingly.

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  • Christine | Sep 5, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    Note to self: they close at 4:00.

  • Andy | Jan 3, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    And now open Sat and Sun 8-2