Tonight at The Shack

Tonight The Shack will be exploring the country that prides itself on culinary contributions to the civilized world. The country that gave you the french fry, chocolate, waffles, and some of the finest beers and cheese in the world.  You guessed it – Belgium!
On the menu tonight (Thursday , July 31) will be:
Moules Frittes- Mussels and Frys, practically the national dish.
Belgian Endive Braised in Maredsous 8
Ginger and Port Lamb
Flemish Mushroom Pie- Wild mushrooms in puff pastry
Arugula Salad- with apples, almonds and dry Jack cheese in cherry champagne vinaigrette
House Smoked Sturgeon
Wild Boar Pate
Fresh Artisan Bread
Chocolate Truffles
The cost is $18 and the seating is limited so try to get here early if you can. We will be doing a tasting of 5 Belgian beers for $5.

The Shack
5201 Folsom Blvd
(916) 457-5997

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  • Jenna | Jul 31, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    French fries came from Belgium?