Burgers – One Word Says it All


I’m about to sing the praises of a burger I had from the breath-taking Mammoth Mountains.  However, I didn’t have to travel to Mammoth to get my mouth around it. 

We recently spent a week with my husband’s family at Rollins Lakeside Inn in Colfax.  It’s an annual vacation that reunites my husband’s father and his four brothers and their families.  We spend a week on one of Northern California’s many lakes, playing on the water by day and eating (and eating and eating) by night. 

Each family is assigned dinner one of the nights, and Uncle Ed and Aunt Kathy brought “Burgers” all the way from Mammoth.  Ed and Kathy Hurley own the famous restaurant Burgers, a Mammoth institution for generations.  I’d heard about the famous burger, but this was my first opportunity to taste one.

It did not disappoint.  Uncle Ed cooked the patty (with cheese) a perfect medium-rare, and Aunt Kathy’s toppings bar (also brought from Burgers) allowed us to make our burger exactly to our liking.  I personally love lettuce, tomatoes and onion.  Burgers special sauce was simply amazing.


According to Uncle Ed, the real secret is that the beef is delivered daily, as fresh from the farm as you can get.

I was lucky enough to get a special Burgers delivery, but I promise it’s well worth the trip to Mammoth.  Not to mention the scenery and all the other amazing attractions.

6118 Minaret Rd
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
(760) 934-6622

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