Late Lunch at Riverside Clubhouse


A few weekends ago I enjoyed a late lunch at Riverside Clubhouse with my parents and fiancé, Stefan. I’ve only lived in Sacramento since June and I try to make every eating-out opportunity a new experience. After a quick Internet search on Sacramento restaurants, I decided that we should try the Riverside Clubhouse because of the varied menu and affordable prices.

My mom and I rolled our eyes when we saw that the walls of the restaurant were adorned with 50-inch plasma TVs showing Sunday football games—so much for a nice conversation with my dad and Stefan!

The brief regret I had for choosing the restaurant immediately vanished as soon as I realized that the menu had my new favorite appetizer . . . Sweet Potato Fries (my love for Sweet Potato Fries began at Table 260)! I insisted that we order the Sweet Potato Fries and began scouring the rest of the menu while I anxiously awaited the arrival of our appetizer.

There were so many tempting items on the menu that I had trouble making a decision. I decided to go the more healthful route and ordered the Ken’s Big Daddy Turkey Burger—besides, I knew I could steal a few bites of the Roasted Sirloin Dip that Stefan was ordering! My parents opted to order the Cobb Salad.

When the Sweet Potato Fries arrived, I was truly in heaven. They came with three dipping sauces: Housemade Peach Ketchup, Herb Mayonnaise and Creamy Bleu Cheese, which were all worth multiple dips. The fries were sweet, crunchy and only increased my preexisting addiction.

Just as I had snagged the last fry from the basket, my turkey burger arrived. The burger was served with Green Goddess Dressing, which gave it a delicious herbed flavoring. My meal also came with a small salad of mixed greens, which made me feel better since I had just consumed half of the Sweet Potato Fries.

My parents and Stefan enjoyed their meals as well. My dad devoured his Cobb Salad and I can personally vouch that the Roasted Sirloin Dip was very tasty. Catching up with my parents and trying new tasty food was the perfect ending to my weekend.

Riverside Clubhouse
2633 Riverside Blvd.

(916) 448-9988

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  • Liz Conant | Oct 29, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    I’ve also tried the sweet potato fries at the Riverside Clubhouse and they are delicious! Also worth knowing about is Riverside’s Go Green Bike Night – on Wednesday’s if you ride your bike to the Riverside, tacos and beers are buy one get one free! And the tacos are tasty!

  • Angela Hughes | Nov 3, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Ashley –

    I work for SRO, Inc, the parent company to RCH and I was happy to read your review and find that you and your family had a great experience there last week. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

    Consider me biased, but I love all our food. My biggest surprise to date is the unassuming Turkey Sandwich on the menu. I’ve passed over it for years (even prior to joining the company) until one day while passing through the kitchen I saw a sou chef thinly slicing a green apple and inquired. I’ve been hooked ever since. I recommend you try that one next.

    Thanks for stopping by!!