Breakfast at Awful Annie’s is Awfully Good


Okay, so you may have seen the headline coming – but it is awfully good! This past month I’ve had the pleasure of dining at both Awful Annie’s locations – Auburn and Lincoln – for a couple of leisurely weekend breakfasts with friends.

Now that I’m a repeat customer, I feel comfortable making a few recommendations. First and foremost, the homemade biscuits are a must-order. I don’t care what else you order, as long as you get a biscuit on the side, I’m pretty sure you’ll walk away happy.

Next, if you’re in the mood to go beyond OJ with breakfast, try Annie’s Bloody Mary. It has a nice blend of spicy and smooth, and it’s just plain fun to have a drink with a giant celery stalk on the table. Am I right?

Finally, after the Bloody Mary you’ll need to eat something substantial. For me, nothing beats a good Eggs Benedict and Awful Annie’s has quite a few versions to choose from. I went with the traditional Eggs Benedict (country ham and hollandaise) and the Baker’s Benedict (smoked turkey, basil pesto and hollandaise). Both were delicious renditions that will definitely keep you full until dinner.  If you’re just not an Eggs Benedict person, I’ve heard good things about their scrambles and omelets.
Now, did I mention that you must try the biscuits?

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  • Brittany | Nov 4, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    I LOVE a good Eggs Benedict! One day, I want to learn how to make it at home. If anyone has a good recipe I’d really appreciate it!