(Belated) Tightwad Tuesday: Super Bowl Style


Due to yesterday’s inauguration activities, we decided to delay our Tightwad Tuesday for today (yes, Wednesday, just go with it). With the Super Bowl right around the corner, we thought we’d kick-off a series of Super Bowl themed entries with the ultimate in Big Game budget dining.

What crowd-pleasing food is super easy on the budget? Pizza, of course! Now, pizza comes in a range of prices – and yes – I realize we all have our favorite pizza places (we can certainly get into that debate at a later date), but when it comes to making a pizza decision strictly by your wallet, take-and-bake simply can’t be beat.

Here’s my Tightwad Tuesday tip for Super Bowl Sunday, or any day, really: an extra large cheese pizza from Papa Murphy’s. If you’re like me, then you already have a few of their “$3 off an XL” coupons stashed in your junk drawer (they usually come attached to the baking instructions). After using the coupon, this is an amazing deal for the amount of pizza you’ll get – all for under $7. If my calculations are correct, this is only $1.75 a person for two generous slices. Okay, now here’s my biggest budget-stretching secret – put your own toppings on it! You can save a bundle by not “upgrading” the pizza to pepperoni or veggies, but by adding your own at home. 

Here’s a Super Bowl promotion from another “Papa” – Papa John’s, (which, in the spirit of full disclosure, is one of our firm’s clients), is giving you a chance to win a large pizza for just 25 cents (not even take-and-bake can beat that price!). All you have to do is register, and if the Opening Kickoff of Super Bowl XLIII is returned for a touchdown, then you’ll get a Papa John’s pizza for a quarter. Not so bad!

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