3rd Annual Sacramento Wine & Dine


Sacramento is overflowing with great food and restaurants – even though we’d like to, we can’t try them all.  But, we try our best to give you the scoop on all of your great dining options in the city so that, hopefully, after reading our reviews you’re ready and eager to head out and explore with your taste buds.

We all know that being a restaurant explorer can get pretty expensive though.  So, how would you feel if we said you could spend one week trying out all of those great restaurants you’ve been dying to go to at a fraction of their normal prices?  Yeah, we were pretty excited when we found out, too!

During the 3rd Annual Sacramento Wine & Dine, you can spend seven days dining at your choice of more than 50 top Sacramento restaurants for a great price.  From Saturday, July 4th through Sunday, July 12th, restaurants like Grange, Hot Italian and L Wine Lounge will be offering three to four-course dinners paired with Sacramento regional wines – starting at just $30 per person!

Why not head to an old favorite on the list or try somewhere you’ve never been?  Either way, we’d love to hear about your experience! For a complete listing of the 50 restaurants being featured visit http://www.sacramentowineanddine.com/.

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