Courtyard Dining: Casa Garden

Intro & Patio

For our first courtyard assignment, Rick suggested Casa Garden Restaurant. Open for 35 years, and focusing on fusion cuisine and a California take on classic dishes, their menu changes weekly and features fresh and local seasonal ingredients. One of the best things about Casa Garden is that all profits and 100% of gratuities go to support the Sacramento Children’s Home, one of the oldest children’s homes in California.

Here’s what we loved:

Maria – Their weekly menu is short, but not short on flavor. I ordered the Sesame Thai Beef Salad, which was fresh and flavorful. I noticed their wine list, too, but it was a working lunch after all – so I stuck to the iced tea! We all loved meeting Assistant Chef Tommy Moreno who gave us a peek inside what makes Casa Garden. I can see how their beautiful courtyard would be perfect for a wedding or other special event.


Vanessa – The wait staff at Casa Garden are all volunteers donating their time for the good of the children’s home. Our waitress was a Paula Deen look-alike with a similar smile and gracious charm! I ordered the chicken and spinach crepes, baked with the perfect combination of meaty-, creamy-, cheesy-goodness. It was paired with mixed greens in a light olive oil and vinegar dressing and a sourdough roll.


Christine – The food is great, but what is even better the feeling you get just by dining at Casa Garden. Since ALL profits and gratuities go to the Children’s Home, it is clear that everyone, and everything, in the restaurant is there for good reason.  Assistant Chef Tommy Moreno explained that even the art on the walls and the chairs we were sitting on were donated to benefit the Children’s Home.

Liz – I love a good lunch outing and Casa Garden was no exception. I ordered the cheesy chicken and spinach crepes and was very surprised when Chef Tommy explained that he actually tries to “lighten up” his recipes because it didn’t taste light to me and I mean that in a good way! We all shared a slice of the Heavenly Raspberry Pie for dessert – I loved the surprise of it being served cold – perfect for the hot day.


Cecily – You can’t help but notice the pretty scenery when you walk into the Casa Garden courtyard.  We walked through a freshly groomed garden courtyard to reach the front door where we were greeted by a type of friendly staff you don’t get at all restaurants.  What really blew me away was when I found out that everyone from the chef to the gardener is a volunteer.  It’s hard not to walk away from lunch at Casa Garden with a little inspirational bounce in your step.

Casa Garden Restaurant
2760 Sutterville Road
Sacramento, CA
(916) 452-2809

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