How does your garden grow?

With summer coming to a close, we thought it was about time we showed off how our hard work on our gardens all summer long has paid off! A few of us snapped photos of our gardens – here’s a peek at what we were growing this year:


Liz Conant – “As you can see, our tomato and cucumber plants took over almost the entire garden! But I love having fresh from the vine tomatoes available to incorporate into meals – and never worrying that I’ll run out! My favorite way to eat tomatoes is on a good old fashioned caprese with fresh mozzarella and lots of basil.”

Jenna garden

Jenna Kirkwood – “My fiancé Jordan is obsessed with our garden and takes great care of it. At the beginning of the summer we (okay, he) planted tarragon, zucchini, Japanese eggplant, basil, and three kinds of tomatoes… and we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying our garden’s bounty all summer long in pestos, caprese salads, pizzas and grilled and stuffed zucchini and eggplant.”


Vanessa Smith – “After a not-so-hot garden last year, this year we opted to go with tried and true plantings, which did very well – from zucchini and tomatoes, to garlic chives and fresh basil. We are still enjoying the fruits of our labor; well, I should say the fruits of my husband’s labor! My favorite garden-inspired meal is a caprese salad to start, followed by a meatloaf stuffed zucchini using all our fresh herbs.  Yum!”


Maria Chacon – “The kids and I plotted a square foot garden this year and grew our seedlings in a soil combination that we mixed ourselves – vermiculite, peat moss and three different sources of compost. We planted five varieties of tomatoes – which did the best of any of our plants – and literally took over the small space. We also had great luck with herbs, especially basil and thyme. We’re enjoying keeping track of how many dishes we can make using tomatoes. Our current favorite: On the grill with a little EVOO, salt and pepper – delish!”

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