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I’ve lived in Davis for just over two years now and still love trying new restaurants. When Rick Kushman suggested that the SacFoodies try Osteria Fasulo as part of the courtyard dining series I jumped at the chance.  Osteria Fasulo is an Italian restaurant located in West Davis: its location is unique in itself – the restaurant is situated in a residential neighborhood instead of downtown, where most others Davis eateries are located.  In fact, I was wondering to myself when we pulled up how a restaurant, so far off the beaten path, was famous for being one of the best restaurants in town… and then I saw the patio.

Garden and Patio

I would like to point out that the inside of Osteria Fasulo is homey, and very nice, but the patio is what makes the place so great – it’s huge and looks onto the restaurant’s garden and a neighborhood bike path. Lucky for my husband and me it was a warm summer evening and we wanted our meal to linger into the night when the patio’s strung lights would be illuminated, which it definitely did!

As per usual, we couldn’t decide what to try, so we ordered a selection of menu items and tasted off of each other’s plates.  After the order was placed and wine poured, our server left us to sit at our cozy corner table under the grapevines, while she started rustling through the garden.  We made our guesses about what she was harvesting and then saw her surface with a small squash blossom and immediately disappear into the kitchen.

It was to my pure delight when our first course, a Summer Squash Soup, came out topped with the blossom, stuffed with goat cheese and grilled – delish!


Our evening got better as the sun went down – the food kept coming and the service was very friendly and the staff was quite knowledgeable.

Lobster & Beef Carpaccio.


Lobster & Spinach Risotto


Pistachio crusted Salmon and green beans


Just as we were being served dessert the owner, Lenardo Fasulo stopped by our table to say hello and ask how our dinner was.  I loved this – such a nice touch that not many restaurant owners take the time to do, and it makes all the difference. At Osteria Fasulo you feel at home and welcometo sit in the patio and enjoy until your heart’s content.  Of course nothing tops off a long dinner like a dessert and a latte – our choice was the Bavaria Cream with Raspberry Puree and Chocolate Shavings.  What a night!


Osteria Fasulo
2657 Portage Bay East
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 758-1324

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