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A while back, fellow Sac Foodie Liz and I discovered Fox 4 Frugal Fridays (and even blogged about it here), where you can purchase gift certificates to great restaurants in town for half the price of what they’re worth. So, I put down $25 and got a $50 gift certificate in the mail to L Wine Lounge & Urban Kitchen. . . it was like Christmas! I’ve been to the restaurant on a few occasions in the past, but is it just me or is there something about knowing you’re getting more than you paid for that just makes everything taste that much better?

My dinner date and I must have been on a roll, because we only ordered two dishes and they were both delish. The first was the L Burger with Manchego & Frites. The pommes frites (French fries) at L Wine Lounge are some of the best in the area, if you ask me. Perfectly cut and served in a plentiful heap, they can truly hold their own next to a stellar burger – which is exactly what the burger was – cooked to perfection and stacked high.


Our other treat of choice was the Seared Ahi Salad Nioise, which is the perfect choice when you’re feeling hungry, but are looking to have a meal that won’t feel like it’s weighing you down even hours after you’ve dined. I’m a huge seared Ahi fan, so I was pleasantly surprised with the generous serving of fish atop the gorgeous bed of greens.


Cheers to Chef Ame and the crew over at L Wine Lounge for another great meal!

L Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen
1801 L Street
Sacramento, CA

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  • Lesley | Oct 15, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Gordon and I both had the L Burger last night. I think it’s the best gourmet burger in town, hands down. The only other burger I’ve ever loved more was at Unami Burget in LA. If you ever do a Sac Foodies LA edition, you’ve got to check it out!