Hot Italian’s New Brunch Menu – That’s Amore!


Brittany I love brunch. And I love pizza. Now I’m no mathematician, but I’d like to think that in the case of brunch and pizza, the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts. Are you following? To clarify …


How did I discover this, you ask?  Recently, fellow Sac Foodies Cecily Fuller, Julie Berge, Christine Schunk  and I had the pleasure of sampling what we now know is one of the best brunch offerings in town,  and it’s found at none other than Hot Italian. We feasted on pizzas and, of course, dabbled in the dessert, my favorite being the Zucchero – organic Italian chocolate hazelnut spread wrapped in a delicious dough then dusted with powdered sugar!

Cecily – I was looking forward to brunch at Hot Italian all week and I wasn’t expecting anything short of delicious – and boy did they deliver!  Each entrée combines two of my all-time favorite foods (pizza and eggs) but with new and oh-so-yummy flavor like the Ventura pizza that features two sunny side up eggs, tomato sauce and fior di latte cheese! I also enjoyed the traditional Italian music that the restaurant plays during brunch hours. 

Julie – As a recently converted vegetarian, I have come to learn that breakfast and brunch dishes without a ton of carbs and still full of flavor are hard to come by, which is why my taste buds were thrilled to discover the Nibali pizza at Hot Italian.  The thin-crusted pizza consisting of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, spinach, truffle oil and crescenza cheese was incredible and a definite group favorite.  (Note: for those meat lovers, there is the option to add prosciutto for just $2 extra.)  I also especially enjoyed washing my meal down with the tasty Prosecco cocktails that are offered in three flavors including bellini (peach), tiziano (strawberry) and arancia rossa (blood orange).  Finally, the icing on the pizza pie was that there was no wait to sit down and begin enjoying our Italian brunch experience.

Christine – I can’t wait to go back before this local breakfast secret gets out, because it’s just a matter of time that this place will be buzzing in the mornings.  I definitely agree with Julie that the Nibali pizza was my favorite – perfect brunch pizza that could easily pair with a nice Italian latte, or a Prosecco cocktail (we “sampled” with both just to be sure, hee hee).  I always knew pizza for breakfast was a good thing, but pizza made for breakfast is even better!

Hot Italian’s brunch menu is served on weekends from 11 AM – 4 PM.

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