FIRST Food & Bar, Las Vegas


Apparently not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I just can’t resist sharing the experience I had at FIRST Food & Bar inside The Palazzo at The Shoppes. The recommendation came from the Michael Kors store manager who insisted we try FIRST’s Cotton Candy Kiss and Warm Pretzels. So we did, in that order, and it didn’t disappoint.

I marveled at the table-side making of the Cotton Candy Kiss, literally like a kid in a candy store. The ooey-gooey pink libation starts with pink cotton candy in a martini glass rimmed with crushed Life Savers, that is then topped with vodka, elderflower, vanilla and juice. Does it get any sweeter?

From lunch to late night, everything on the FIRST menu is bound to satisfy any sweet tooth or comfort food craving. We sampled goodies like the lamb lollipops, mini gyros, baked meatballs, and the warm pretzels served with three types of mustard. FIRST was the perfect first stop on our final night in Vegas. As for the rest of the trip, well, that stayed in Vegas.

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  • heatherteen | Mar 18, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    I couldn’t agree more!