Hot Italian Announces New Affogati Menu

Good news, Hot Italian just received their liquor license, and in addition to now stocking a full bar, this has allowed them to add a few new dishes to their menu. We were recently invited to sample a few items from their new line of Affogati (Italian for “drowned”) desserts: a heaping scoop of gelato literally drowning in your choice of liquor. Of course, we couldn’t pass up also ordering a pizza or two in the process.

Christine on the Fiori Pizza
Okay, yes we were technically there to try the new Affogati menu, but when we walked through the doors fresh from a long day at the office it was hard to resist the pizza calling (yelling!) our names. We started the evening with a Fiori Pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula, mushrooms, prosciutto parma, truffle oil) which is a standing favorite of the foodies. Hot Italian has officially convinced me that any pizza drizzled with truffle oil is a good thing. Since this was the “opening” of the new liquor license we also felt it necessary to taste a few of the cocktails so I had the Cuba Pestato (dark aged rum and cola with muddled brown sugar and lime). Yum and yum.

Liz on the Borriello Pizza
Two words: burrata mozzarella – that’s all I needed to read before I knew we were ordering this pizza. If you’re not familiar with burrata, it’s different from regular mozzarella because of its very creamy and soft texture – it’s almost spreadable. Besides burrata, the Borriello is topped with tomato sauce, fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil, and in my book, it does not get better than that. The pizza plus the Sgroppino Limone cocktail (made with Limoncello, vodka, prosecco and limon sorbetto) topped off with affogati galore and my night was officially a success.

Cristina on the Dark Chocolate with Frangelico Affogati
As any woman will tell you, we are suckers for chocolate. Take that and pair it with Frangelico and you have one happy lady. Hot Italian was nice enough to invite the SacFoodies to taste the new addition to their menu, Affogati. Although I was lucky enough to taste all the variations, my favorite was the Dark Chocolate with Frangelico. The gelato was rich and creamy and well balanced with the hazelnut flavor of Frangelico. The flavors married well and followed a meal of salad and pizza perfectly. Will definitely go back and bring my husband.

Cecily on the Mr. Espresso with Kahlua Affogati
When Andrea, one of the owners of Hot Italian, described the new Affogati menu as “a selection of adult sundaes,” I was immediately sold. I mean, who doesn’t like sundaes?? Each Affogati selection comes with two scoops of gelato drowned in liqueur and topped with crushed hazelnuts and fresh panna. Mouth watering yet? We were lucky enough to try three of the new selections and, while my sweet tooth had no problem going for second (and maybe third!) bites from all of them, my favorite was definitely the Mr. Espresso with Kahlua. Give me coffee with a splash of Kahlua any day and I’ll be a happy camper!

Jenna on Madagascar Vanilla with D’Sarrono
Anyone who knows me knows that I am ALL ABOUT everything almond. Almond croissant? Yes please. Medium soy latte with two pumps of sugar-free almond syrup? That’s me. So when I saw the Madagascar Vanilla with D’Sarrono on the new Affogati menu, I had to make it mine. The vanilla gelato was delicious dunked in the D’Sarrono amaretto – a true almond-lovers delight!

Hot Italian, located on 16th and Q in Midtown, has always been known for their specialty pizzas, but as you can tell, we are delighted they’ve been able to put their new liquor license to good use with their delicious new line of desserts.

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  • Stuart L Canton | Sep 22, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    I love the fiori…I have yet to ask Fabrizio for this, but I want to get any pizza with the truffle oil. I basically want them to leave the truffle oil with me….”oh no, it’s okay, I’ll bathe in it if I run out of pizza”