Taste of Thai, Sacramento


In celebration of Thai Week on SacFoodies, my husband and I decided to try Taste of Thai in Natomas (they also have a location off Broadway in Sacramento). We are not big Thai food people, but we do enjoy a good curry now and again. We started with the Po Pia Sod (Fresh Spring Rolls) which included vegetables, tofu and rice noodles wrapped in soft rice paper served with sweet and sour sauce.  It arrived the same time as our entrée, the Evil Jungle Noodle which was rice noodles on bed of steamed vegetables topped with chicken and red curry sauce.

In Thailand, it is custom to serve all food at once in order to enjoy all flavors and textures simultaneously. Most of the entrée items on the menu are customized by the degree of spiciness: mild, medium, hot or Thai hot.  While I was tempted to go with Thai hot just to validate my resistance to heat, I chose medium to ensure I was actually able to taste the food. 

I must say, I was completely impressed with everything we ordered! Our appetizer and entrée was plenty of food for two people. We couldn’t even finish what we ordered.  The Po Pia Sod was pleasantly refreshing. The Evil Jungle Noodle was not evil as all. 🙂 Not sure where they came up with that name but it sure didn’t do the dish justice! The “medium” curry was a perfect heat and balanced the sweetness of the coconut.  All in all, it was an awesome experience.  We will be back very soon!

Taste of Thai
2069 Arena Blvd # 170
Sacramento, CA 95834-2321
(916) 263-9988

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