SacFoodies Favorites – Holiday Gift Guide, Day 2

Kris Caputo-Hurley:  A friend brought over an appetizer this past weekend from Ina Garten’s newest cookbook “How Easy Is That?” It was a delicious fondue-like cheese dip served with crusty bread. Not only do I want the cookbook to add to my Barefoot Contessa series, but I want a cast iron skillet to make the amazing fontina, garlic and herb dip!

Christine Schunk:  The biggest foodie item on my wish list is a Kitchen Aid Mixer (Artisan series, in the pale yellow if we want to get specific). I know, I know, how can I call myself a true foodie without owning this crucial kitchen device?! Well, the truth is I know these things last forever, so when I was getting married a few years ago I felt like it was a really big decision to pick a color that I would live with for the next 20 years. I buckled. Two years later I have decided on a color, but alas my registry is long gone. One day I will have my beautiful yellow mixer, but for now I’m working with a handheld version, which surprisingly has been getting the job done.

Cristina Dayton:  When a painter begins his masterpiece, he starts with a white canvas as it leaves everything up to the imagination. As a foodie, my plates are my canvas and when I serve my food, I want it to be the star of the show. White square plates are the only way to go! Square Large White Plates from Crate and Barrel $29.95 for six.

Regional Gift Idea:  Give the gift of foodie education by purchasing a spot at one of Rick Kushman’s popular wine tasting education classes. Rick takes you through the wine tasting, using real English sentences (not super-secret wine language) – all against the backdrop of beautiful Lava Cap Winery near Placerville. For more info and to purchase a spot for the January tasting, visit

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