Indo Cafe, Sacramento


This past week, SacFoodies has been featuring restaurants and cafes in Old Sacramento. Enjoy today’s review below and be sure to also check out the reviews from earlier this week to learn about great places to eat in Old Sac!

Old Sacramento is one area of this city that I have yet to explore.  In fact, prior to last weekend, the only restaurant I had truly dined at in Old Sacramento was, drum roll please … Subway!  So, needless to say, I jumped at the chance to check out the food scene over there. After doing my research, I decided to use this opportunity to not only explore a new part of town, but to explore a new cuisine:  Indonesian food.

In an attempt not to make my cluelessness too obvious, I did my research before venturing over to Indo Cafe, on a busy Saturday afternoon in Old Sacramento. Of course as soon as I walked in, all of my studying flew out the window and I made a beeline to the counter where an incredibly kind woman waited, eager to help me make a dining decision. I told her that I had never had Indonesian food, wanted to try something authentic and wasn’t scared to try something new. She let out a big grin and said “Ah! You need to see the secret menu!” Way to make a girl feel special.

I finally settled on the Lemon Grass Chicken. I know, not the most adventurous choice, but it was a gateway to my Indonesian food exploration. Served in a wooden boat, the stir fry chicken with lemon grass herbs and mixed vegetables was fresh, packed with flavor and simply delicious. I washed it all down with a glass of the typical Indonesian drink, Ice Cendol:  coconut milk, jelly-like pieces made from rice flour, shaved ice and palm sugar. If for no other reason, I’d go back just to get another one of these!

From the most traditional dishes like satay, soto and nasi goreng to your more common beef and broccoli dish, Indo Café offers fresh and deliciously satisfying food for a wide range of palates. Stay tuned for details on my next visit–I promise to step a bit further outside the box!

Indo Cafe
1100 Front St.
Sacramento, CA 95857
(916) 446-4008

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