Pizza Rock, Sacramento

by Brooke Burgess and Vanessa Smith

Like Sonny and Cher or Bonnie and Clyde, what is possibly a more dynamic combination than Pizza and Rock?  With plenty of buzz about the food, the awards – co-owner Tony Gemignani won the World Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy – and décor, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to check it out with some good friends on a rainy workweek.  Needless to say, we were not disappointed.  Located in Sacramento’s K Street Mall, this gourmet pizzeria is a spectacular assault on your senses.

The menu was surprisingly diverse, offering tantalizing fare from pizza to burgers to calzones.  The pizza aficionados in us appreciated the different pizza styles – Napolitana (super thin crust prepared in around 90 seconds in their 900° Wood Fired Cirigliano Forni Oven), Classic Italian and American (baked in a Rotoflex Gas Brick Oven with special sauces), Sicillian (focaccia-like crust baked in a Marsal Gas Brick Oven) and Pizza Romana (baked in a Cuppone Italian Electric Brick Oven).  The restaurant space was open and airy and the décor was wild – with a semi-truck hovering over the bar mixed in with an over-the-top take on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Overall, it was a fun lunch experience and we’d definitely go back for more!

Sarah Kindelt
While Sacramento is more than a stone’s throw from Italy, the Margherita pizza made it seem like we were just next door.  This is to me a staple of authentic Italian pizza – and Pizza Rock hit it out of the park. A thin, chewy crust, light tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil, and a little EVOO to finish it off. I’m told it only takes 90 seconds to cook, but according to the menu they only sell 73 of these a day.  So I guess the only solution will be to have my husband install that brick pizza oven I’ve always wanted. Oh and a nod to the website – while I was doing a little pre-lunch menu scouting, I much enjoyed the Beastie Boys background music.

Vanessa Smith
Give me pesto, on anything, anytime. I jumped at the chance to share The Primavera with Brooke upon our visit to Pizza Rock. It truly was one of the best pesto pizza combinations I’ve ever had, with the perfect blend of Mozzarella, Burrata and Shaved Piave cheeses, spinach, and garlic, topped with tomato slices and, yes, more cheese. Coupled with the Gorgonzola and Apple Salad, this lunch was delizioso! My Nona would be proud.

Brooke Burgess
With so many choices, it was very difficult to decide on just one pizza!  So I shared The Primavera with Vanessa and tasted a slice of the famous, limited-edition Margherita pizza.  Both were delightful.  The Margherita in particular took me back to a trip to Piazza Navona in Rome where I enjoyed nearly the exact same pizza (including look, feel and taste profile).  If you want an authentic pizza experience, I definitely recommend the Margherita pizza.

Chris Thompson
I’m a sucker for prosciutto and Italian sausage, so the combination in the Romano’s Original 1950 Stromboli got my vote. The sandwich was generous in portion and tasty, the mild peppers and cheeses were flavorful. The garlic had a little bite, which wasn’t advertised. But, overall a good selection.

Pizza Rock
1020 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 737-5777

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