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As sushi-lovers who are new to Sacramento, my fiancé and I decide to try all the popular sushi joints in town before selecting what will be our “go to” place.  Last weekend we stopped by Sapporo Grill , which is between L and K Streets on 16th Street, to check it out.

The scene was lively and fun, perfect for a weekend night. The tables were mostly full of dinners and the area around the bar was packed with people watching the Pacquiao-Mosley fight. The crowd was upscale and while the patrons at the bar were energetic, their volume wasn’t overbearing. We ordered a couple drinks and perused the appetizer selections.

The menu was diverse, including many non-sushi items, like steak, sea bass, and pork chops. While it was tough to pick just a few things off the large menu, we decided to start with an order of Kobe on the Rocks. This distinctive dish comes to the table in two parts. As a heated rock sitting over abed of salt comes out first and is accompanied by a plate of thinly sliced Wagyu Beef. You cook the dish at your table on the hot stone. It was delicious and fun to grill yourself. Word to the wise, the beef cooks fast so just a few seconds on each side it all you need.

Since we were there to sample sushi we split a couple rolls for our main course. We initially were going to go with our standbys, spicy tuna and rainbow, but since the menu was so expansive and distinctive we decided to venture out. We ordered a Dream roll and a Sapporo Roll. (We figure the Saporro roll had to be good since it’s their namesake!)

Both rolls were delicious and very different from one another.  The Dream roll had soft shell crab, lobster, daikon sprouts, avocado, salmon, yellowtail, tuna and tobiko, all with a special sauce drizzled on top. It was sweet and flavorful. Our other roll, the namesake, contained unusual ingredients for sushi; sautéed asparagus, lobster and seared filet mignon. We both agreed it was “different”. Delicious in its own right but not what you think of when you think sushi.

Overall, were impressed and would definitely make Sapporo Grill a regular. We had great service, great food and a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to another visit to Sapporo Grill and plan to keep venturing into unique sushi rolls and entrée category next time.

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  • Emperors Jazz combo | Jul 20, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Thanks for the Sapporo review Lauren. We love it there. Try to come out when we are performing (typically 2nd Saturdays) The energy is absolutely fabulous and we have a packed house. Next Sapporo appearances, Sat July 30, and Sat Aug 13.

    See you there!

    Emperors Jazz combo