Davis Beerfest 2011


Stout. Porter. Hefeweizen. Pilsner.

For beer lovers everywhere, just the sound of these brews is enough to make mouths water.

The world’s third most popular beverage-beat only by water and tea-is at the center of a foam-guzzling culture that geographically ranges from the famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany to the pubs of London, England and, more locally, Beerfest 2011 in Davis.

Davis’ fourth annual Beerfest is kicking off its hop-filled festivities on Saturday, June 4 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Sudwerk Brewery.

The fest is hosted by Citizens Who Care, an organization that is dedicated to helping the elderly and their caretakers.

The $35 price of admission includes the opportunity to taste more than 100 handcrafted beers, tour the Sudwerk Brewery, the ever-festive availability of Nugget-provided sausage, and of course, a commemorative souvenir mug…which is definitely why I’m going.

There will be about 40 local brands represented, including my favorite as a recent Chico State grad, Sierra Nevada.

Tickets for designated drivers are also available for a discounted price of $10, which includes food and unlimited soft drinks.  Win.

Photo courtesy of Flikr user VXLA.

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