Bad Dog! Taqueria, Atlanta


On a recent trip to Atlanta, a friend introduced me to Bad Dog! taqueria near Emory University. With its long bar and exposed brick walls, this taqueria is the perfect casual spot for grabbing a bite while studying, socializing or just plain scarffing. For $2.99 each, we had our pick from nine delicious taco combinations, and a selection of seven burritos with signature sauces for $7 each, all served in soft flour tortillas made locally.

One look at the menu and I could see the passion the owners have for the food they serve – each description was as creative as their fresh ingredients – from “Yo Mama’s Taco” with old-school seasoned ground beef and all the fixings, to the “Snooki,” appropriately coined by one of the “Jersey girl” owners with its slow-simmered hot ‘n spicy tomato ground beef ragu and queso fresco.

Those who know me well know that I’m not big on spicy food, from peppers to curry, just not my bag. In fact, cinnamon gum is too spicy for me. (Yes, I can hear you saying, “some kind of foodie you are.”) So I had to ask about some of the offerings to be sure they would score low on my spice meter. But, alas, I had no problem finding a few that were right up my alley. I think the hard part was actually narrowing it down to just two tacos, but I went with the “Tastes like Chicken” with plantain-encrusted chicken breast, creamy cilantro sauce, lettuce and tomatoes, and the “Evita” with marinated grilled flank steak, crispy yucca and chimichurri sauce.

In one word: Yum! Even the chips and salsa offered their creative flair with a mix of yucca, plantain, boniato and traditional corn chips, and served alongside three salsas: salsa fresco, plantain pineapple serrano, and fire roasted tomato.

Next time I’m in town, I’ll order up an “Uncle Morty,” a slow-roasted brisket, marinated with grilled onions and served in its own “special sauce.” I don’t even have an Uncle Morty, but something about that sounds like home. Thanks, Bad Dog! I’ll be back.

1579 N. Decatur Road


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