In a pinch for a pie? Try TreyBcakes.


I admit it, I cheated. We were supposed to make a recipe from scratch for the 3rd annual SacFoodies potluck. I had full intensions of baking the apple pie when I signed up on the kitchen white board. What’s more all-American the apple pie, right?  I thought I was brilliant.

But the potluck was on a Wednesday and work/life happened in the meantime.  So, where does one turn in Sacramento for the closest thing to a home-baked apple pie?  (And why oh why didn’t former Austin colleague and dear friend Emily Ingle open The Pie Society in Sacramento?) I decided to try TreyBcakes for the first time.

I ordered the pie 24 hours in advance (defeat set in early) and popped in the sweet little shop on L Street on my way to our host’s house.  My pie was boxed and ready for pick up but I quickly got distracted by the window-case display of decadent desserts.  Cake pop, cookie, cupcake, cheesecake (must go back for Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake) and traditional cake options seemed endless.

I chatted for a moment with Trey’s dad, who was working behind the display, and learned everything in the shop is made from scratch except the gelato.  Did I forget to mention the gelato?  A whole case is devoted to the glorious cold Italian treat.  I also learned breakfast and lunch is served.  I am beyond intrigued by their signature Stud Muffin and will be looking for a lunch escape excuse in the very near future.

But, back to the pie.  The crust was covered in crystallized sugar so it actually sparkled among its potluck dessert competitors.  It had a homey touch of an apple cutout just off center and slightly burnt crust, which didn’t taste burnt.  In fact, it was buttery, flakey and delicious.  The Granny Smith apples were tender and bursting with flavor.  It was all I wish I could have made and more.


1801 L Street Suite 70


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