The Melt, San Francisco


When I first heard that celebrity chef Michael Mina and Flip camera (RIP) founder Jonathan Kaplan were collaborating on a grilled cheese eatery concept bound for San Francisco, I could barely contain my excitement. If you know me, you know that cheese is – without competition – the way to my heart. Meld my love for cheesy goodness and my infatuation with all things digital, and I’m the perfect target customer for The Melt.

Last week, a handful of fellow cheese-lovers in our San Francisco office headed out on a mission to try The Melt. Once I got over the fact that we had to wait in line, I was overwhelmed with the delicious scent of – you guessed it – cheese. I quickly scanned the menu and honed in on my order of choice: Aged Gruyere on White Wheat with Smoked Bacon. Luckily, a colleague of mine and I decided to go halvsies so that we could also sample the Sharp Cheddar on Potato Bread with Smoked Bacon. The bacon was an add-on, but it was a free add-on! Can you believe that? Any eatery with free bacon on the menu is alright by me.

The Melt met my expectations, to say the least, complete with a tech-savvy order-calling system and classic American touches like Cracker Jacks and Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The classic Sharp Cheddar on Potato Bread with Smoked Bacon stole my heart, and my only regret is not having eaten on-site. The grilled cheese was tasty but I couldn’t help but think it would have been truly stellar if it were still warm and not mildly smashed from my walk back to the office. It’s my belief that in the same way you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a restaurant by its takeout. It looks like I’ll just have to go back to confirm!

The Melt
115 New Montgomery St.

San Francisco, CA 94105

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