Halloween Foodie Inspiration


Are you in need of spooky Halloween food inspiration? Look no further…if these Bloody Guts, Goblin Eyeballs, Mummy Fingers and Vampire Bat Wings washed down with a glass of Poison don’t look like the perfect ghoulish Halloween goodies to you, we don’t know what will!

Happy Halloween from SacFoodies!
Need a translation?
•    Bloody Guts – Pasta with Pork Ragu
•    Goblin Eyeballs – Deviled Eggs
•    Mummy Fingers – Breadsticks
•    Vampire Bat Wings – Chicken Wings
•    Spider Web – 7-Layer Dip
•    Great White Pumpkin – Cheese Ball
•    Frog Eyes – Mini-Caprese on Skewers
•    Poison – Red wine

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