Café Roma, Sacramento

By Liz Conant, Sallie Poggi and Kris Caputo

When the SacFoodies received an invitation to come try a meal at Café Roma, the three of us jumped at the chance to take a lunch “field trip” to Italy. We arrived at the bustling café and were promptly greeted by owner Abe Saadeh who told us a bit about his restaurant, including their recent expansion and new wine bar addition.

After studying the menu, we decided to share a handful of items and placed our order at the counter: a cup of the Italian Wedding Soup, the house-made hummus, the mushroom pizza, the house lasagna and a Tuscan chicken Panini.
“My personal favorite was the hummus. I love a good house-made hummus and this one did not disappoint – plenty of lemon and a huge serving perfect for sharing.” – Liz Conant

“Due to popular demand, what used to be a weekly special is now a daily special – the lasagna is a delicious treat when you need the warmth and comfort of a traditional Italian meal.” – Kris Caputo

“The chicken panini was delicious and the star of the show was the homemade focaccia that reminded me exactly of what comes out of a nonna’s kitchen – fluffy, salty and crispy.” – Sallie Poggi

P.S. Café Roma delivers and caters too!

Find Café Roma on Facebook and Twitter.

Café Roma
1013 L Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 594-7292

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