Yogurtagogo – Frozen Yogurt, Delivered!


When I sat down at my desk one morning and the first email that popped up was from Yogurtagogo notifying me that I had won $100 worth of frozen yogurt catering, I knew it was going to be a good day. Right away I checked in with my fellow SacFoodies to discuss timing for the special delivery and we decided it would be perfect for celebrating fellow SacFoodie Sarah’s December birthday. 

On the appointed day, Sara from Yogurtagogo arrived bearing a bevy of frozen yogurt (chocolate, raspberry pomegranate, pumpkin and peppermint!), toppings and even samples of a new creation: hot sesame and peanut butter flavored mochi (Japanese rice candy, often used as a frozen yogurt topping). Yogurtagogo hopes to start offering hot mochi in the store this winter. 

Eric Heffel, President of Yogurtagogo, also filled us in about another little-known Yogurtagogo treat, their new whole food smoothies. As Eric explains, “We started these because we thought they dovetailed nicely with the healthful aspect of frozen yogurt, but they take healthy to a whole new level. I LOVE the fresh, wholesome flavors of our smoothies.”

Frozen yogurt catering, hot mochi and whole food smoothies – who knew you could find all this and more at Yogurtagogo? Now we’ve got a whole new set of ideas when it comes to catering for future staff meetings and birthday parties!

Thank you Yogurtagogo, from all the SacFoodies!

1801 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

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