Review: Sauces from Ocean Beach Foods Co.

by: Liz Conant and Jake Ferguson

When the folks from Ocean Beach Foods Co. asked the SacFoodies if we would like to try their line of locally-produced sauces, we of course responded with an enthusiastic “Yes please!”

Dave Nettles, known as the “Big Kahuna” of Ocean Beach Foods Co., stopped by and hand-delivered three different sauces for us to sample:  Baja Verde Sauce, Tikka Masala Sauce and Taqueria Sauce. He explained that although he is still hard at work at his day job, he’s spending his evenings and weekends working hard to bottle the sauces to keep up with the demand from local retailers.

Here’s the scoop on how we used the sauces we tried:

“I took home both the Taqueria Sauce and the Tikka Masala Sauce. The Tikka sauce comes with instructions on the bottle which made it easy to prepare this traditional Indian dish for a quick weeknight meal. Full of flavor and just the right consistency, this is a Tikka Masala Sauce I would use again. Next up was the Taqueria Sauce which really could be an all-purpose sauce for just about anything. Dave suggested using it on eggs, so I went with his recommendation and used it on top of a Saturday breakfast of potatoes and scrambled eggs. I am a sucker for spicy sauce on top of my breakfast and this one definitely satisfied.” – Liz Conant 

“When Dave dropped off the sauces for us to sample, he suggested using the Baja Verde Sauce on chicken tacos and I jumped at the opportunity to give this one a try! Tacos are an easy weeknight dish to whip up and the splash of flavor that the Baja Verde Sauce added made my meal complete. I found the sauce to be just the right amount of kick, without being overly spicy. In fact, I ended up smothering the sauce on my rice and beans as well. What I loved most is that the sauce consists of 8 simple ingredients.”- Jake Ferguson

The Ocean Beach Foods Co. website also offers suggested recipes for trying out the sauces.

Support a local company by picking up a sauce from Ocean Beach Foods Co. next time you’re at one of these Sacramento-area retailers.

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