Sacramento Farmer’s Market

By Stephanie Rudy

Farmers Market

Did you know there are 12 farmer’s markets in the Sacramento area per week? While I wasn’t able to make it to all 12 last week, I was able to stop by an old favorite.
farmer’s market at 8th and W is always bustling; with locals in search of creating their own farm to fork experience, and vendors eager to provide it.  The market offers an array of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other goods. Everything in sight is not only fresh, it’s beautiful. When shopping, one of the biggest challenges I face is knowing what’s in season and how to pick it out. If it weren’t for YouTube, I couldn’t even begin to tell you what to look for in the “perfect pineapple.” Lucky for me (and for you), the farmers and vendors at the market can tell you first hand what’s best this time of year, what to avoid and how to select an item. Many of them will even hand pick items for you!

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In addition to fruits and vegetables, the market offers eggs and milk from nearby farms, and even flowers from locals like Frank!


Garlic doesn’t come much cheaper, and the flowers don’t get much fresher.

IMG_3025 copy

IMG_3018 copy

Dried arrangements are perfect for sprucing up your outdoor kitchen and add flavor to any bottle of olive oil.

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IMG_2955 copy

IMG_2973 copy

Leaving empty handed is almost impossible, and the experience is unforgettable. With 12 per week in our own backyard, finding a farmer’s market this summer is easier than ever! For a complete list, visit http://www.california-grown.com/Market-times.html.

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