Things to Eat and Drink in Seattle


My recommendations on things to eat and drink in Seattle, based on a recent weekend trip. Clockwise from the top:Seattle Collage

1. Oysters! Need I say more? On this particular weekend trip, I enjoyed them at Matt’s at the Market (my favorite Pike’s Place dining destination), Elliott’s (classic waterfront dining) and the Walrus & the Carpenter (trendy atmosphere and great music).

2. Storyville Coffee. A new discovery on this trip which quickly became part of our daily rotation.  Definitely the sleekest-looking coffee shop I’ve ever seen. Oh, and great coffee and pastries too.

3. An English Bulldog cocktail from Staple & Fancy. Order it…you’ll thank me later.

4. Staple & Fancy. If you’re like us, you’ll enjoy a “first course” next door at Walrus & the Carpenter while you wait for your table at Staple & Fancy. Get the pasta!

 5. The Monkfish at Pike’s Place. Get a little closer. A little closer. Get right up next to him now. Ahhh…he’s alive!!! Observing this gag never gets old at the market!

 6. The coldest beer in the frostiest mug you’ll ever have from The Athenian in Pike’s Place. This Seattle institution also happens to be famous for hosting Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner for lunch in a scene in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle.”


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