Kale Yeah! “The Market” Pizza


When it comes to dining out, I can be incredibly indecisive. Like, the kind of indecisive that really annoys your friends and family as you endlessly debate going here or there and eating this or that. But, when it comes to lunch on Thursdays, I know exactly where I want to go and exactly what I want to eat: 

Kale Yeah

That would be “The Market” pizza from The Pizza Company at the Capitol Mall Farmers Market. Every creation that emerges from their Italian wood fired oven is delicious, but The Market is irrefutably the true star. Featuring farm fresh produce, The Market’s pizza toppings change weekly and the SacFoodies are always excited to see what unique offering is on deck.

To our delight, today’s menu featured Aidells Sun-dried Tomato & Kale Chicken Sausage, shaved red onions, mascarpone cheese and mushrooms. And was the pizza as delicious as it looks? Kale yeah!

A special thanks to my fellow SacFoodies for making this post happen—the witty Kari Clark for coining the phrase “kale yeah” when I asked if she was getting The Market today, and the kind  Sara Ortega for resisting the first bite of her piping hot pizza so that she could help me snap photos of the beauty above.

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