Tater Throw Down


We celebrated Father’s Day this year with a Tater Throw Down!  That’s right, we were invited to a friend’s house and each family was asked to bring their best potato dish.  Lucky for me, I’ve worked with the U.S. Potato Board (client) for the past decade so I’ve tasted and tested many tuber-ific dishes over the years.  I decided on Frances Largeman Roth’s Twice Baked Blues featured in her cookbook “Eating in Color” and they were a hit!  You can find the recipe here. The best part though?  Seeing what all my creative friends came up with.  Check out this spectacular spud spread!


  1. Buffalo Fries
  2. BBQ Rub Fingerlings
  3. Twice Baked Blues
  4. Potato and Chorizo Dobladas
  5. Potato Bruschetta
  6. Chili Cheese Tater Tots
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