Oysters in Humboldt


Before last weekend, I’d never written a Yelp review. Despite having been to countless wonderful restaurants and devouring several fantastic meals, writing a Yelp review was never the post-meal priority. But last Saturday, everything changed. I had the best meal of my life and for the first time, writing a Yelp review became the post-meal priority.

oyster 2

I was on a seven-hour road trip up to Trinidad, CA when it happened. Somewhere around hour five, the Peg House popped up out of nowhere and we pulled in – determined to find a restroom. And while I can’t say much for the port-o-potty behind the the wooden burger/oyster stand, I can’t say enough about my meal. Three barbecued oysters, served piping hot on the half shell with equal parts oyster and garlic and were drenched in a bath of cioppino-like sauce I’ll never be able to recreate, or describe.

oyster 1

Suddenly, it was over. I was torn between licking the shells and going to shake the hand of the man who had prompted my first Yelp review (and ultimately changed my life as a foodie). I opted for the latter and left that day with more satisfaction and garlic breath than I’ve ever known.
Case and point: the next time you find yourself heading North on the 101, make the Peg House in Humboldt County a destination, and the subsequent Yelp review a priority.

oyster 3

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