Basil-Tomato-Garlicky Goodness


Pizza collageI’m pretty sure there is no better flavor combination than the majestic trio of garlic, basil and tomato. Now I’ve never self-identified as an Italian-loving foodie, but when you fill the kitchen with the potent scent of garlic, freshly chopped basil, and oh-so-juicy home-grown tomatoes I’ll be the first say, “DELIZIOSO!”

So, you better believe that, when making homemade pizza last week, I couldn’t resist piling on this tasty trifecta of ingredients…plus some fresh mozzarella and artichoke hearts for good measure. What resulted was the above masterpiece of flavor, each steamy mouthful packed with basil-tomato-garlicky goodness. Oh, and playing classy Italian music in the background definitely completed the experience!

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