Motown’s Mercury Burger Bar


One of the best parts of being a foodie is that everywhere I travel becomes a fun new hunting ground for my next great meal and, in turn, my next great blog post! So, last weekend in Detroit I did what any hungry traveler would do, and relied on the locals to point me in the right dinner-time direction. My uncle suggested we try Mercury Burger Bar, and I could not be happier that we did.

Mercury 1

Mercury is located in the historic/hipster neighborhood of Corktown in Detroit and includes an eclectic patio filled with metal work, fire pits and a garden. As enjoyable as the ambiance was though, the menu was not to be upstaged.

Featuring a generous list of local craft brews and a creative collection of burger options, I finally decided on the Motor City Ghettoblaster English Ale to appropriately accompany “The Local” Burger. There’s something about pulled pork on a burger that just feels so right, and this time was no different. My sister tried “The Juicy” and assured me the cheddar-stuffed patty on this cheeseburger was just as magical as it sounds, further solidifying my belief that there is no such thing as too much cheese. And yes – the ketchup smiley face did make it taste even better. 

Mercury 4

Lastly, we tried the classic chocolate shake. I have to admit, this may have been the crown jewel of the meal (sorry Ghettoblaster). I don’t know how whipped cream topping could get any yummier, but somehow Mercury has made it happen – and gained a future return customer in the process.

Mercury 3

In the Detroit area? Be sure to visit Mercury Burger Bar.

Mercury Burger Bar
2163 Michigan Ave,
Detroit, MI

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